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Mu Dan mountain is in fact a hill


With rows of weeping willows that fold around it in circular patterns, it connects the ends of two parks. Mu Dan mountain is called a mountain, because of its steepness that is hidden by the growth of trees that hide whoever is within it. It is because of this steepness that people are recommended not to attempt to climb it, although it provides a place of solace for individuals seeking to be hidden. 


I’ve been to Mu Dan mountain. I’ve climbed it and seen its pockets of trees. In the brightest time of day, the trees provide shade. The growth casts shadows on the ground and these shadows are big enough for people to lie down and be completely hidden. 


And I’ve seen men lie down in these shadows. Their faces turned slightly towards any intruder and their bodies relaxed.


They were home. 



Model: Izzat Ibrahim

Special Thanks: Beijing LGBT Center



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