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Using the history of the canals that used to exist along Little India and the transportation that the canal served as a way to think about movement, time, connections and temporality, the proposed work uses ephemerality as a way to think of history, site and space.

The work itself takes the form of a performance and a projection that happens at various sites throughout the Art Walk Little India period. During the performance, a video projection will be presented side by side with performers performing live with the projection as the backdrop.

The sites currently proposed include Clive Street, Belilios Lane, Rowell Road and Birch Road. All sites isolated are chosen with the consideration of using a second level building so as to allow for a projection to be used from a vantage point to create the backdrop for each performance.

As for the performance itself, the work will use the body and connections made by the performing body to think about the connections made by various merchants, people and visitors of Little India as a source. These include gestures, bodily movements and also the architecture of the site as part of the choreography.

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