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20220113_Bad Imitation_2361.jpg

A whispering of salt

2021 - 2022

Polymer sculptures, Lightbox prints, Lightbox, Steel Table, Video with sound (HD)

Dimensions: 2m by 60cm, 43 inch TV, 60cm x 50cm Lightbox


A whispering of salt is a body of work looking at queerness, gossip, melancholy and narration. Using an autopsy as a framework, the work comprises several layers. From corporeal abstraction to open-ended forms as a way to think through knowledge. An unnamed queer individual is posited as the subject of an autopsy - a process to determine the cause of demise. Inspired by various ‘true crime’ forensic TV series in which speculative articulations are always framed as fact, the work presents itself as an unofficial account.

Photos by Marvin Tang

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