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borrowed intimacies

Photographs by Firdaus Sani

Bated breaths of delectation,

Inaudible whispers filtered through the leaves.


As petals fall upon sweat-stained bodies,

Faces lit by the crescent above. 


Like werewolves turning,

Bodies hunched, 

Seeking prey through the dense foliage. 



Hushed propositions, 

Quiet dispositions, 



                                                                  hurrying                                                                                                                                                                        behind 

                                                                                                closed doors. 


Bated breaths of delectation, 

Inaudible whispers filtered through the sheets. 


As shadows fall upon sweat-stained bodies, 

Faces lit by a bedside lamp. 


Irises shifting,

Conversations silent,

Heavy in thoughts and inarticulate desires.



The lions bond. The snakes intertwine.

Bodies fall in disarray,

Intimacies borrowed,


As the penetrable closet finds its host.

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