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nibbling on a soft threaded line


Polymer clay on found mannequin stands, metal chains, synthetic pearls


nibbling on a soft threaded line is a series of sculptural works on mannequin stands. Influenced by queer inhumanisms, the body as an allegorical landscape, the works are responses to corporeal, queerness and abstraction. Combinations of natural forms devoid of gender markers form the basis of the objects - made using polymer clay that is normally used for dolls. Adornments dress the sculptures in acts of beautification, inspired by fashion and also used as topographical markers, imagining the body as a map. Perched upon found mannequin stands, the sculptures can be seen as queer forms, mapped out with various ornaments. Also inspired by corporeal problems (for example eczema), the works are named after skin conditions and geographical markers.

Photos courtesy of Yavuz Gallery

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