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art of reverie

As part of Scotts Square's continuous support for emerging young talents and promoting the art scene in Singapore, the boutique luxury mall collaborates with LASALLE College of the Arts to present The Art of Reverie, an exhibition by Moses Tan, from 5 May to 3 June 2015.

Inspired by the fantasies, desires and wishes of Singaporeans collected through written cards, Moses Tan 
re-imagines them through his whimsical drawings framed in circular hoops originally intended for embroidery. Moses’ works capture the desires of others and embellish their dreams just as embroidery is used to add ornamentation to personal style. Presented in an installation of vintage-inspired wardrobe shelves placed throughout the atrium of Scotts Square, The Art of Reverie is a playful and romantic union of text and imagination.

To reflect the desires and wishes of individuals that he had encountered in an earlier community work 
(in which he exchanged wishes for a hand-printed postcard), Moses draws on garments and embellishes upon textiles the images that represent his artistic visualisations of their reveries.

Text by Scotts Square

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