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study for dramatic venus, 2020

mixed media installation, HD video, audio, polymer clay, vinyl print

Study for Dramatic Venus is a response to the processes and conditions of art-making. Originating from an experiment where he uses artybollocks and artyexpress—online generators that automatically produces an artist statement and title—Moses Tan explores the mechanics behind conceptualisation, research and performativity through the use of the “artist statement”, that can be read as both arbitrary and satirical. 


The intention behind the work comes as a result of the continual need for online discussions via various forms of text during the lockdown in Singapore. Text that is used to serve a purpose in articulating work at times becomes central to keeping with relevance, either through grant applications, communication with key personnels in work and even marketing via social media. The need to be present in both digital and analogue domains has led to conditions in making art under pressure, hence the act of using online generators is in itself a statement. 

Text by: Shireen Marican

Conceived in response to <!DOCTYPE work> and presented at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art The Lab. Supported by Platform Projects Curatorial Award.

Image Credits: Yusri Yusoff

Audio Credits: Frankum and Frankumjay

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